maudite (maudite_a_deux) wrote in bill_hermione,


So I go looking for a Bill/Hermione community, and I find this one... and it has *no members*. Talk about depressing! I figured there should be at least one.

Anyway, if you happen to stumble across this community and feel like talking about Bill/Hermione (which is currently my favorite ship, despite the depressing lack of reading material), by all means join up and say your piece.

As for myself, I just wonder why there isn't more Bill/Hermione out there. It seems like an eminently logical pairing... what girl hasn't crushed on the cool, sexy older brother of her best friend? Honestly. And with her brains and penchant for research, she might just turn out to be a useful resource for a cursebreaker... like, say, Bill Weasley! Just, you know, for example.
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