green_gremlin (green_gremlin) wrote in bill_hermione,

Damn Boots

Title Damn Boot
Author Green-Gremlin
Disclaimer I can only dream of ever owning these characters, and seeing as I’m not asleep, I’m guessing they’re still not mine.
Pairing Hermione/Bill
Rating NC17/R
Summary Those Damn Boots had been in many dreams involving his flat mate, and little brother and sisters best friend. They were also the only thing between being a good friend, and throwing Miss Hermione Granger down on the kitchen table and shagging her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk for a week.
Warnings Dubious consent, going down
Genre Romance
Author's Notes Wrote this over a long time. Thanks to Krazhypergrl for beta it for me!

Damn Boots,
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